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About Erin

Turning the page to healing & hope

I was raised to believe that if you make the right choices, do the right things, and live a healthy life, that good things will happen. For my first 30 years, they did. I grew up feeling very blessed in life and wanted to study Social Work to give to others.


The challenge of the fast-paced ER called to me, because I thrive in crisis. Focusing on mental health, I completed a Master’s in Social Work, and went into ER long-term, becoming a wife and a mother of 4 along the way.


When I was 30, my 15-month-old daughter died in a drowning accident. 3 days later I found out I was pregnant. I couldn’t look at water, and couldn’t go back to trauma, but I had a child on the way and another who needed me.


Struggling with having always trying to do the right things but this bad thing still happened to me, I got EMDR treatment. It was life-changing. I was able to process the loss, leave it in a chapter behind me, and create a new one with hope and resilience.


I became a baby and toddler swimming instructor of a specialized swim approach for babies, toddlers, and special needs children, so they can survive in the water. It was a rewarding way to bring meaning to a terrible thing that happened.


Bad things happen for no reason. How to make sense of it within the chaos of everything it causes in the family is why I’m drawn to healing. It’s terrible to lose someone you love, go through divorce, or just get lost or hung up along your way, but you can still write a triumphant new chapter, come what may.


I was able to process the loss, leave it in a chapter behind me, and create a new one with hope and resilience.

I want my clients to feel calm with me. I want them to feel me caring and present with them, trusting that nothing could be said that could upset me. I’ve dealt with my own personal heaviness and so much professionally that I’m not triggered by issues. I can be wherever the client needs to be and sit with anything they’re presenting.


A lot of experience and a diverse skillset comes with what I’ve learned on the job for 20 years and the methods that were life-changing for me when I was hiking through my own valleys. I needed assistance to go on, to be a functioning mother, wife, and social worker.


It led me to become a more gifted therapist to help others work through their own challenges and losses. I know the power of finding the right counsel and live my life as a testament to the transformation and resilience that is possible for you too. 

I believe - 


  • We need to look at our life as an entire novel, focus on each chapter, then close it and move on. Life is a whole book, and bad things happen in in one chapter. We can choose to change the course each chapter.

  • In helping people feel safe enough to explore their struggles and vulnerable enough that they’re willing to process it with me.

  • Through processing you can find hope to look to the future of where you want to be—by identifying where your struggles are, how you feel about it, and what your goal is for it.

  • Everyone can find hope regardless of what they’ve experienced.

  • We bring reason and purpose to our life experiences.

  • I have to be of value to your healing. If I don’t believe I can help you, I will tell you and find someone who can.

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